Yoga Challenge Day 10!!

I have slogged through the deepest valley. I have ascended the highest peak with my bare fingers. My life has flashed before mine eyes.

Oh wait – it was just the 10 day yoga challenge (completed in 13 days, at that) – but truly, it felt that challenging most of the time. But I did not give up and neither have my fellow yogi classmates. We rock. And to think that 4 years ago, I could barely walk around the block after 2 spinal surgeries, 6 weeks apart. HOORAH.

You know you’ve been sweating a lot when your clothes, towel and wash cloth are completely drenched and there’s nothing left with which to wipe your face. Perhaps a neighbor’s towel? “Mind if I wipe through?”

Here’s my reward, even though I don’t like chocolate all that much. And three days of Bluegrass Bliss are now on tap, together with the KAH (kick ass husband) who has been out of the country for 10 days.

Chocolate may appear larger in picture than in real life :)

Chocolate may appear larger in picture than in real life 🙂



Yoga Challenge Day 9

The 3 things that don’t normally bother me about the yoga studio – heat, humidity, and smell – hit me like a tidal wave tonight. Considering I have very little to no sense of smell, that’s saying something. But when there are only 15 minutes between the last 2 classes, and the ocean of humanity undulates towards me, I just go with it. Or at least try 🙂

Tonight’s gems – 1) practicing with different teachers brings about new info and insights.

2) Afternoon extreme fatigue + chocolate covered espresso beans by the handful = let’s not puke in class, ok?

A most beautiful tribute to folks with ALS at the finish line of the Hawaii Ironman, first presented by a competitor who had ALS but did not survive until the following year, was to lie down right before the finish line and continuously roll over sideways until it had been crossed. Since tomorrow is my 10th day of the 10 day challenge – I will be rolling to the finish, UH HUH!! I had not practiced for months before this challenge and then suddenly started going almost everyday. Do I hear the sound of champagne corks tomorrow night at 8:00:00pm???




Yoga Challenge Day 8

Hoo boy – day 8 just about kicked my rumpus. I guess every fourth day is hard. I have now so successfully moved around the studio that the teacher even exclaimed, at the beginning of class, “Wow, you’re way over there” – something to that effect. Yep, I was in a fall into the window, watch the cars go by kind of place.

Still no word from either of my buddies, but hey – it’s day 8 of a 10 day challenge. They still have plenty of time, right? 🙂 At least an awesome teacher is now my buddy-in-law. How cool is that?

Day 8 is done. And it’s fun to track all this on the fitbit. Heart rate usually peaks at 140. Energy peaks about 10 minutes before class 🙂


Yoga Challenge Day 7

I was looking for monkeys swinging from vines when I entered the yoga studio tonight. It was *humid*! I’m certain a tropical bird was hiding in there somewhere.

Day 7 of the Yoga Buddy challenge – yet ‘nary a buddy has said peep or ooof or UG my way. But that’s ok. Everyone sweating it out in the studio – tropical birds included – is my buddy, right?

I’m proud of myself for practicing in different spots in the room (ok, for a grand total of 2 so far but I will keep moving around). And I’m happy with going to different classes with different teachers because they are all flat out awesome. Whenever class gets a touch challenging, I think of what the teachers had to do during their teacher training.

Day 7 is done! I managed to forget my fitbit in the studio but I’ll be back again tomorrow.

Synchronized canine savasana

Synchronized canine savasana

Yoga Challenge Day 6

Today’s gem was, “If my hair looks bad at the beginning of class – no worries! It will look infinitely worse after 90 minutes in the hot room” 🙂

Wow, did I have chattering monkey mind today. And it wasn’t just one cute little monkey; there was a full-fledged committee in there. When the teacher sweetly said to push all thoughts away during savasana, I wanted to say, “Seriously? The chattering chimp committee is currently debating the merits of grated ginger in tonight’s dinner over minced. And they haven’t even touched all the spices yet. That’s a whole different dialogue”.

Day 6 Done!! And hey – with quitting coffee (for the many millionth time) and doing all this yoga, I am down 8 pounds without even trying. Hoorah!

"And you think you're going to clear all thoughts, do you? Bwhahaha"

“And you think you’re going to clear all thoughts, do you? Bwhahaha”


Yoga Challenge Day 5

It was very inspiring to have a teacher and a teacher/studio owner practicing next to me yesterday. Their dedication to their practice helps me to dedicate myself to mine.

Day 5 of a 10 day challenge complete. I’m already feeling positive changes in all ways. Yay!

I also live for the closing remarks that one teacher routinely says at the very end of class, “don’t let anyone piss you off, don’t let anyone steal your peace.” Amen and keep saying that because I need to keep hearing it.

Yoga Challenge Day 423 – million

OK, so day 4 FEELS like 423 million. And I never exaggerate 🙂

I was really brave and practiced in shorts and a sports bra today. That’s like superly hugely brave. BUT – I discovered that the short sleeve tech T I’ve been wearing really keeps the sweat out of my face in the standing- forehead-to-knee posture. (Addendum: After 10-12 years of this practice, you’d think I would know the posture names by now. I meant that the T shirt keeps the sweat out of my face in the standing separate leg head to knee pose – the one after Triangle!) Back on with the shirt! I’d better get used to being without it though if I’m going to do the yoga competition in the fall.



Yoga Challenge Day – 2?

The yoga challenge officially started on Valentine’s Day but I started on Friday the 13th. Am I on day 2 or 3 now? My goal is to complete the 10 out of 15 days challenge and hopefully much more. But I will be away for several days hither and yon, so I can’t do the 30 day challenge.

Today, I challenged myself (by overusing the word “challenge” 🙂 ) by getting out of MY customary comfort spot and moving waaaay over to the left side of the room, against the wall of mirrors. As I did the first backbend, I found myself under a BRIGHT spotlight. I could see all the blood vessels in my retina!! I was also wearing a new FitBit which seemed to think I was very busy before and after class but that I did nada during the strenuous 90 minutes of sweating. 🙂

A good day, especially with the warm temps and sunshine. Yippee.

Yoga Challenge

Yoga is like meditation. One day can be bliss and ease. The next day is torture.

Two days ago, I was humbled to be practicing next to someone with a *broken elbow*. She modified her moves but she was there, doing it. Yesterday was just all around challenging for me.

I’m doing a yoga challenge, attending 10 days in a row but hopefully more. There are a million reasons to call it off – such as the unusually warm and sunny weather we are having – in Oregon, of all places. But I will be there again today; sweating and doing my best.

Just add high temps, and we're good to go!

Just add high temps, and we’re good to go!