Knit A Square

Now that we are past the shortest day of the year, I finally need to post again about hope, opportunities, more daylight (well – it’s been super soggy in Oregon, but July 5th is right around the corner!! 🙂

Watch this video and join me if you so desire. I crochet – don’t knit – but here’s to something awesome!! I would adopt every child if I was there where this video was shot.


A Spinning Adventure

Intention: To learn spinning. I’ve always been intrigued with it.

Problem: I’m allergic to virtually every kind of animal hair.

Possible Solution: Go to the yarn store, handle all the wool and see what happens, forge ahead.

The real problem: It turned out to not be the wool itself but the drafting process – with fine hairs flying everywhere – that brought on the very itchy eyes and need for antihistamine.

Feeling: Discouraged but determined. I paid for the spinning class and the spinning wheel rental. I want to give this a solid try… and still be able to breathe 🙂

The next possible solution: Wear some kind of eye gear and mask (not practical). Spin with a merino/silk blend – will try it. Spin with organic cotton – my preference, but teaching staff says it is harder and I need to master spinning with wool first.

ANY ADVICE OUT THERE – other than, “stay away from animal hair, you silly girl, and stick with crocheting your synthetic fibers”???


ADDENDUM: Paradise Fibers in Spokane, WA sells all kinds of cotton, bamboo, faux angora and cashmere!!! If I struggle, skill wise, with spinning wool, why not just go ahead and struggle, skill wise, with spinning cotton? 🙂 Hooray. Feeling hopeful.

Isn't it cute???

Isn’t it cute???

New Crafts are Looming

Today, October 26th, is the 3rd anniversary of my 1st spinal surgery. To “celebrate”, I got a Zoom Loom. It has lots of Loom and not too much Zoom yet, until I know what I am doing. It took 3 times to finally get it set up without threads popping out all over the place.

Here is my completed 4 inch – wash rag for doll’s dishes? A potholder for lukewarm doll pots? Actually, if I can survive making a bunch of these cute little squares, they can be sewn together to make scarves and placemats. I’m looking forward to eventually moving up to a table loom.

This “carry it anywhere” Zoom Loom may not go over so well with the airlines though. There is a 6 inch needle (to poke my eyes out when I get too frustrated) and tons of spikes on the loom with which to poke out fellow passengers’ eyes. The airlines tend to frown upon such weaponry.

Loom avec Zoom

Loom avec Zoom

A woven....thing!

A woven….thing!

Woven things - with crochet.

Woven things – with crochet.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Rainbow Goodness

Calling all artists – we know that we do what we do because we love it. I could crochet till the cows come home – and often, they are long tucked into their cozy beds and I am STILL crocheting. But what do we charge when we sell our goods? If I charged even $5 an hour on labor for the large blankets I’ve made for friends, the blankets would literally cost $1,000. Anyone want to comment – as an artist or as a consumer of homemade, handmade goods? What are your guidelines as someone who is selling or buying?


Tie dye, hippie placemat of love. ~20"X12.75"

Tie dye, hippie placemat of love. ~20″X12.75″


Blunder Like Ya Mean It

If you are going to blunder, go big or go home. Yep, that’s my motto apparently.

In my last post, I wrote about being so new to this whole sewing thing that I was surprised to find out sewing machines use TWO threads at the same time. Doesn’t that seem a bit greedy? 🙂

Today, I got to hang out with the ever fabulous Carly, a young woman from Arizona who is here in town for awhile. She went with me to the – as she had to teach me, fabric store not cloth store. Well what do I know? Give me some yarn and a hook and away I go. The whole vocabulary is different in the foreign moonscape of sewing machines. If I crochet, I am a crocheter. If I knit, I am a knitter. But if I sew, I wouldn’t want to be a sewer – because, like, ewww. Doesn’t look right.

So we toddled into the store to purchase my fabric for tonight’s class. What I was trying to express to the refined sales crew was, “Hi, I’m really new to this and expect to make many mistakes tonight. And while this is a very nice store with very nice sales people and very nice fabric (and indeed, it is), I’m wondering if, perchance, you might have some fabric remnants or discounted items I could buy?”

But noooo. What came out was, “I want whatever is cheap and ugly”. Holy Bovine – I didn’t score any points with that one!