Life goes better with Thomas the Tank Engine!

Life goes better with Thomas the Tank Engine!


Minnie Mouse saying, "Hurry back now, y'hear?"

Minnie Mouse saying, “Hurry back now, y’hear?”

  We’re in LA, where I attended a fabulous Kindermusik conference. The rest of the  time, we’ve been visiting with Teresa and enjoying the amazing weather!!! If it wasn’t so crowded here, I’m pretty certain I would not go back to the Portland gray.

New Year’s Day, Yipee Yai Yay

It’s a rare day of sunshine in Oregon! Now if I could just crank up the outdoor temps by about 40 or 50 degrees, it would be…ahhhh. Throw in some palm trees and sand, and you wouldn’t see me indoors again. (You’d never know that a few years ago I was an avid skier and snowboarder. Like dude – cold urticaria happened).

Just a few shots below with my iPhone and once again, no glasses. I wonder how the pix would turn out if I took along the fancy-pants camera and some prescription eyeball wear?

A case of "Beriberi"

A case of “Beriberi”

Branching out in the sun

Branching out in the sun

“Fall Fotos”

Hiding from Autumn

A Pinwheel of Rosebuds

Summer Rose meets Autumn Leaves

Pretty reasonable picture quality for an iPhone camera and having taken these without my glasses. (The quality was even better with the pix being larger but this WordPress site didn’t seem to like that option). I believe a really good camera is in my future somewhere. Chris is my inspiration for that. He took some great shots.