Hawaii Glass Blankets

What do you call a post that has several latest happenings but no really good title? Just throw everything into the stew!

Hawaii panorama

This lovely panoramic shot of Hawaii Island, from our stay there last week, is from Pete, master photographer! It was gray and rainy the whole time except for this particular day in the picture and the day we left, of course 🙂 But it was all fabulous. It’s Hawaii; how could it not be?

glass blowing3

My introduction to glass blowing. Absolutely, totally, tears in my eyes from bliss, loved it. It’s a new calling. More photos on my Crafts Blog HERE

Last but not least, I sold my first EVER blanket today from my soon to be opened Etsy shop. Again, more photos and such on my Crafts Blog HERE

rainbow blanket1

New Year’s Day, Yipee Yai Yay

It’s a rare day of sunshine in Oregon! Now if I could just crank up the outdoor temps by about 40 or 50 degrees, it would be…ahhhh. Throw in some palm trees and sand, and you wouldn’t see me indoors again. (You’d never know that a few years ago I was an avid skier and snowboarder. Like dude – cold urticaria happened).

Just a few shots below with my iPhone and once again, no glasses. I wonder how the pix would turn out if I took along the fancy-pants camera and some prescription eyeball wear?

A case of "Beriberi"

A case of “Beriberi”

Branching out in the sun

Branching out in the sun