Hawaii Glass Blankets

What do you call a post that has several latest happenings but no really good title? Just throw everything into the stew!

Hawaii panorama

This lovely panoramic shot of Hawaii Island, from our stay there last week, is from Pete, master photographer! It was gray and rainy the whole time except for this particular day in the picture and the day we left, of course 🙂 But it was all fabulous. It’s Hawaii; how could it not be?

glass blowing3

My introduction to glass blowing. Absolutely, totally, tears in my eyes from bliss, loved it. It’s a new calling. More photos on my Crafts Blog HERE

Last but not least, I sold my first EVER blanket today from my soon to be opened Etsy shop. Again, more photos and such on my Crafts Blog HERE

rainbow blanket1

What’s today and Which party are we on?

Was in Hawaii two weeks ago, where temps were warm and life was slow.

And then things got crazy. I’m usually one to lie around in slug mode during December, but not this time, apparently. Tomorrow – Saturday – 25 folks will be here for a house concert. Sunday, 25 different folks will be here for a baby shower. I’m going at it solo because 31 hours after coming back from Hawaii, KAH (kick ass husband) took off for a biz trip to Germany – with a 50 degree temp difference!

I’m dreaming of Tiny Bubbles…Tiny Bubbles…with a ukulele and a palm tree. Ahhh. (No matter how grateful I am to have a house and friends and these activities…that uke and palm tree are looking good!)

In 8 days, KAD (kick ass daughter) with KAB (kick ass boyfriend) will be here. And we shall slug and eat and slug some more. But we shall not eat slugs – ewww. Woop woop!!!

Instant happiness

Instant happiness