Yap-tastic Part 2

I will post the rest of the pix from our fab trip to Yap and then keep the space available for updates about Mom (they’re not good at the moment 😦

Please notice that I always have my thighs covered in the pix below. That is cultural respect! No shorts in Yap that don’t cover the legs.


Just don’t 🙂


This is the MNUW – a stationary restaurant. Pete and I spent a lot of time here and loved it!

Oceania stairs

On the pathway and the 68 stairs to our Yap bungalow at the Oceania. Loved it!!!

Dinner Oceania

With new and old friends. Counter clockwise from left: Ted, Dr. John, Pete, moi, Tim and Lucy. At the Oceania restaurant. Loved it!!

Tim and Lucy

Tim and Lucy look splendid!! Great island hosts.

Dinner TnL

Tim and Lucy loaded us up with wonderful island gifts. And Pete and I did “glisten” (have never sweat so much haha)

Pete stone money

Pete posing with the famous Stone Money.

Yap class

Interpreting a song into ASL in Tim’s class. The students always had fabulous flower leis and headbands (wrong word, I know) for me and Pete. So thoughtful!!

Tim's classroom

Tim’s classroom is super inspiring with all kinds of sayings. Love it here!

Tim's dog

Tim’s dog Bubba who is at his school every Friday. Good dog!! Tim and I doing music. Great audience!






Mom and the Yap Trip

Mom did not go on the Yap trip. 🙂

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After Guam, we virtually disappeared from the face of the earth – well, at least the internet due to little or no access. We were in Yap for 7 days visiting our friends Tim and Lucy, making many more new friends, and still celebrating our 30th anniversary with the Trip of a Lifetime.

There is no way to adequately describe the experience that Yap is. It is traditional, and a more simple, *refreshingly* slow paced way of life, compared to the US. The Yapese people are humble, shy and so gracious. Nature, there, is breathtaking as is the incredible humidity! Yap is only 9 degrees from the equator, so I heard.

My feeling is that visitors either take to Yap and connect with the locals like we did, or they are more removed and doing a diving adventure. Yap really suited me well. Pete loved it too but the ‘skeeters got to him.

Enjoy the pix. More tomorrow!


Flights arrive, only from Guam, only on Wednesdays and Sundays, at 12:30am!! Walk on the tarmac to customs.


Yap International Airport. Technically, every flight coming in is an international one!


The welcome sign at Yap International Airport.


Yap State Court Supreme Court


No official street signs anywhere except these markers.


An outdoor museum of traditional housing and meeting places. Notice the distinctive stone money (round with holes in the center)!!

Buh Bye

When we arrived in Guam on (whatever day it was recently), it was rainy, super humid, dark and we were exhausted. At that point I thought, “What are we doing here??” Turns out, we *loved* Guam. Ok – we were in a Hilton on the beach but still – it was wonderful. We saw SO much in 48 hours. Until we meet again…


Go More West, Young Woman

The Pacific Ocean is big. Real big!

13 hours of flying is long. Super long! 

After a 19 hour day, I had to laugh at the super duper cool toilet. Wash the front, the back, poke my eyes out – right now, I don’t really care 🙂 The other pic shows where we are – exhausted and poorly lit, but we made it! (Not the final destination though).


Go West, Young Woman

We were looking for a palm reader but found this instead 🙂 First part of the trip is over. We thought everything was perfect and wonderful, which surprised the flight attendants. Several grumpy passengers yelled at them (in 1st class, on the way to Hawaii – really??) Okie doke – next time we land, it will be “tomorrow night” over the date line!!