After Guam, we virtually disappeared from the face of the earth – well, at least the internet due to little or no access. We were in Yap for 7 days visiting our friends Tim and Lucy, making many more new friends, and still celebrating our 30th anniversary with the Trip of a Lifetime.

There is no way to adequately describe the experience that Yap is. It is traditional, and a more simple, *refreshingly* slow paced way of life, compared to the US. The Yapese people are humble, shy and so gracious. Nature, there, is breathtaking as is the incredible humidity! Yap is only 9 degrees from the equator, so I heard.

My feeling is that visitors either take to Yap and connect with the locals like we did, or they are more removed and doing a diving adventure. Yap really suited me well. Pete loved it too but the ‘skeeters got to him.

Enjoy the pix. More tomorrow!


Flights arrive, only from Guam, only on Wednesdays and Sundays, at 12:30am!! Walk on the tarmac to customs.


Yap International Airport. Technically, every flight coming in is an international one!


The welcome sign at Yap International Airport.


Yap State Court Supreme Court


No official street signs anywhere except these markers.


An outdoor museum of traditional housing and meeting places. Notice the distinctive stone money (round with holes in the center)!!