TOAL Part 2

TOAL – trip of a lifetime!

First stop today (usually an end destination) is O’ahu. Mimosa – it’s what’s for breakfast!

This is still our 30th anniversary celebration and the first time we will have had 2 weeks away together since the honeymoon. Reaping the rewards of Pete’s constant business travels!!



Tofu steak, broccolini, quinoa and chili sauce. It must be Cal – yum!

After ice on the roads in Portland and a 3 hour delay of our flight, we finally arrived in SF! Super empty plane. Pete got upgraded to first class so I insisted he take advantage of it. I got all 12 seats of both exit rows in coach to myself. I did some extreme crocheting with new yarn and enjoyed an insanely beautiful sunset. Part one of The Trip of a Lifetime complete. More tomorrow!


Uh – was it something I said?