Blunder Like Ya Mean It

If you are going to blunder, go big or go home. Yep, that’s my motto apparently.

In my last post, I wrote about being so new to this whole sewing thing that I was surprised to find out sewing machines use TWO threads at the same time. Doesn’t that seem a bit greedy? 🙂

Today, I got to hang out with the ever fabulous Carly, a young woman from Arizona who is here in town for awhile. She went with me to the – as she had to teach me, fabric store not cloth store. Well what do I know? Give me some yarn and a hook and away I go. The whole vocabulary is different in the foreign moonscape of sewing machines. If I crochet, I am a crocheter. If I knit, I am a knitter. But if I sew, I wouldn’t want to be a sewer – because, like, ewww. Doesn’t look right.

So we toddled into the store to purchase my fabric for tonight’s class. What I was trying to express to the refined sales crew was, “Hi, I’m really new to this and expect to make many mistakes tonight. And while this is a very nice store with very nice sales people and very nice fabric (and indeed, it is), I’m wondering if, perchance, you might have some fabric remnants or discounted items I could buy?”

But noooo. What came out was, “I want whatever is cheap and ugly”. Holy Bovine – I didn’t score any points with that one!



What I learned Today

When a Dr. speaks very abruptly on the phone, it can be fear. I had a hospital procedure done yesterday and although my chart says “NO TAPE”, the staff did indeed, out of habit, use tape (but I was too drugged to say anything). Some portions of my skin are an angry, inflamed red today. I didn’t die, I’m not asphyxiating and I certainly wouldn’t sue. I wish the Dr. could have just said, “Oh sorry. Are you ok?” At which point I would have said, “Sure. Nothing major. I’d just like to know what to ask for next time. Ok, thanks for helping me”. But because of a litigious happy society, the Dr. and I could not connect on a personal basis and he is somehow expected to be perfect at all times. I don’t want perfection, I just want a connection. Ooo, that should be a bumper sticker!

I also learned that people who are very skilled at something forget that beginners need the BASICS. I attended a drop-in sewing class today where I took my first sewing lesson last week.  For today’s type class, people bring their own machines (I borrowed one from the store), they can get help from the experts, but mostly they sit around and chat 🙂 They were very welcoming and asked what quilt I was working on. “Uh, I’m so new I’m trying to figure out how to use the auto needle threader thingie.” Last week I was surprised to find out that sewing machines use 2 threads at once!!!!! Who knew? So while I was trying to figure out how to thread the machine correctly and sew seams on cut squares of cloth, the group leader asked for my number so she could invite me to her quilting gatherings. “So sweet of you but how about we wait until I know the difference between a sewing bobbin and bobbin for apples” 🙂 But mingling with people, learning new things, being in the sewing class and being in tonight’s ukulele class was FUN.

I think the scared Dr. should be less perfect and play more ukulele. I think we all should. FUN is good!

Uke'n have so much fun with a uke!!

Uke’n have so much fun with a uke!!