Blunder Like Ya Mean It

If you are going to blunder, go big or go home. Yep, that’s my motto apparently.

In my last post, I wrote about being so new to this whole sewing thing that I was surprised to find out sewing machines use TWO threads at the same time. Doesn’t that seem a bit greedy? 🙂

Today, I got to hang out with the ever fabulous Carly, a young woman from Arizona who is here in town for awhile. She went with me to the – as she had to teach me, fabric store not cloth store. Well what do I know? Give me some yarn and a hook and away I go. The whole vocabulary is different in the foreign moonscape of sewing machines. If I crochet, I am a crocheter. If I knit, I am a knitter. But if I sew, I wouldn’t want to be a sewer – because, like, ewww. Doesn’t look right.

So we toddled into the store to purchase my fabric for tonight’s class. What I was trying to express to the refined sales crew was, “Hi, I’m really new to this and expect to make many mistakes tonight. And while this is a very nice store with very nice sales people and very nice fabric (and indeed, it is), I’m wondering if, perchance, you might have some fabric remnants or discounted items I could buy?”

But noooo. What came out was, “I want whatever is cheap and ugly”. Holy Bovine – I didn’t score any points with that one!



2 responses to “Blunder Like Ya Mean It

  1. Oh my goodness – I just got a HUGE belly laugh from this…it is SO what I would do! And I’ve been sewing for a couple of years! 😆 And as hubby is a plumber, I got a huge laugh from the ‘sewer’ thing too! Thank you for this!!

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