New Crafts are Looming

Today, October 26th, is the 3rd anniversary of my 1st spinal surgery. To “celebrate”, I got a Zoom Loom. It has lots of Loom and not too much Zoom yet, until I know what I am doing. It took 3 times to finally get it set up without threads popping out all over the place.

Here is my completed 4 inch – wash rag for doll’s dishes? A potholder for lukewarm doll pots? Actually, if I can survive making a bunch of these cute little squares, they can be sewn together to make scarves and placemats. I’m looking forward to eventually moving up to a table loom.

This “carry it anywhere” Zoom Loom may not go over so well with the airlines though. There is a 6 inch needle (to poke my eyes out when I get too frustrated) and tons of spikes on the loom with which to poke out fellow passengers’ eyes. The airlines tend to frown upon such weaponry.

Loom avec Zoom

Loom avec Zoom

A woven....thing!

A woven….thing!

Woven things - with crochet.

Woven things – with crochet.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

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