Yoga Challenge Day – 2?

The yoga challenge officially started on Valentine’s Day but I started on Friday the 13th. Am I on day 2 or 3 now? My goal is to complete the 10 out of 15 days challenge and hopefully much more. But I will be away for several days hither and yon, so I can’t do the 30 day challenge.

Today, I challenged myself (by overusing the word “challenge” 🙂 ) by getting out of MY customary comfort spot and moving waaaay over to the left side of the room, against the wall of mirrors. As I did the first backbend, I found myself under a BRIGHT spotlight. I could see all the blood vessels in my retina!! I was also wearing a new FitBit which seemed to think I was very busy before and after class but that I did nada during the strenuous 90 minutes of sweating. 🙂

A good day, especially with the warm temps and sunshine. Yippee.

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