Yoga Challenge Day 6

Today’s gem was, “If my hair looks bad at the beginning of class – no worries! It will look infinitely worse after 90 minutes in the hot room” 🙂

Wow, did I have chattering monkey mind today. And it wasn’t just one cute little monkey; there was a full-fledged committee in there. When the teacher sweetly said to push all thoughts away during savasana, I wanted to say, “Seriously? The chattering chimp committee is currently debating the merits of grated ginger in tonight’s dinner over minced. And they haven’t even touched all the spices yet. That’s a whole different dialogue”.

Day 6 Done!! And hey – with quitting coffee (for the many millionth time) and doing all this yoga, I am down 8 pounds without even trying. Hoorah!

"And you think you're going to clear all thoughts, do you? Bwhahaha"

“And you think you’re going to clear all thoughts, do you? Bwhahaha”


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