Yoga Challenge Day 7

I was looking for monkeys swinging from vines when I entered the yoga studio tonight. It was *humid*! I’m certain a tropical bird was hiding in there¬†somewhere.

Day 7 of the Yoga Buddy challenge – yet ‘nary a buddy has said peep or ooof or UG my way. But that’s ok. Everyone sweating it out in the studio – tropical birds included – is my buddy, right?

I’m proud of myself for practicing in different spots in the room (ok, for a grand total of 2 so far¬†but I will keep moving around). And I’m happy with going to different classes with different teachers because they are all flat out awesome. Whenever class gets a touch challenging, I think of what the teachers had to do during their teacher training.

Day 7 is done! I managed to forget my fitbit in the studio but I’ll be back again tomorrow.

Synchronized canine savasana

Synchronized canine savasana