FUN volunteering

Who knew that a large piece of nylon fabric (i.e. – a former military parachute) could be SO much fun for kids and adults alike?? I volunteered at the You Who concert at the Crystal Ballroom today, to benefit the Children’s Cancer Association. Here is a description of the event:

What:  It’s time for another You Who Concert! This is a really fun variety show specifically for kids in the Portland area. Proceeds from this event go directly to CCA’s MyMusicRx Program. This event is always a ton of fun!

Indeed it was. A ton of fun and a super workout lifting and lowering the parachute for 2 hours. 🙂 There was also face painting, a crafts area, balloon hats, some super cool monster tricycles and music. I was in my element. Hooray for the Music Program at the Children’s Hospitals in town.

Watch the whole video below. It is SO good!!




Monster Drink Icicle

All those years of driving up Mt. Hood to go snowboarding – often by myself – have paid off. I made it through some gnarly driving conditions today, on ice and snow, with no chains or special tires and did fine – as long as people weren’t right up on my rumpus. But these conditions cause us to be mindful of so many things we take for granted. Yay for slowing down and enjoying the scenery (even though I almost got hopelessly stuck in one intersection and the parking lot at the grocery store was a complete ICE rink). Snowmageddon, 2017. It’s been lovely but I’m ready for summer.

Fifty Shades

I’m pretty sure that Oregon invented the original “50 shades of gray” before it became a popular book – which I have not read. Let’s review the highlights of how you know you live in the NW.

1) Standard issue gray – if you cannot afford gray, one will be assigned to you

2) Light gray

3) Medium gray

4) Dark gray

5) Ueber gray

6) Off gray

7) I want to off myself gray

8) I can’t find my gray mittens kind of gray

9) Merlot for breakfast gray

10) This is not an all gray suit I’m wearing, it’s my cloaking device

11) I tripped over my gray pony because I didn’t see him kind of gray

12) Gray with a hint of arctic blast chill

13) Gray with a touch of “soaked to my marrow” moisture 

14) Gray with a super-powered fog horn

15) Gray with fluffy snow-like stuff which turns ordinary people into crazy ass drivers

16) ‘Who put my zebra in a blender?’ kind of gray

17) Oh goody, it’s gray again!!

18) Does this gray make me look fat?

19) Graypes of Wrath

20) Oregon – it’s a GRAYTE state