I Want to be a Jellyfish


The short version of my story this week is that I improperly lifted a very heavy weight (to help out a fellow volunteer at the gig on Sunday for the Children’s Cancer Society). It hit me full force on Tuesday to where Pete had to put on my socks and shoes for me because of my pain and inability to move. Flashback to surgery days.

I want to be a jellyfish. No spine, no brain, no pain.

The longer version of my story is that I have been through a lot of spinal trauma in my life. My spine has hypermobility, and misalignment, and torsion issues. I’m not an easy case for my physical therapist but he does work miracles.

I just want to be a jellyfish and float all day.

I am lying in bed and studying music theory, with cheapo drugstore glasses with which I can hardly see. My Rx glasses have been repaired so many times that the glue needs its own glue.

I want to be a jellyfish and float pain free. I hear that they are masters at music theory. 😉




FUN volunteering

Who knew that a large piece of nylon fabric (i.e. – a former military parachute) could be SO much fun for kids and adults alike?? I volunteered at the You Who concert at the Crystal Ballroom today, to benefit the Children’s Cancer Association. Here is a description of the event:

What:  It’s time for another You Who Concert! This is a really fun variety show specifically for kids in the Portland area. Proceeds from this event go directly to CCA’s MyMusicRx Program. This event is always a ton of fun!

Indeed it was. A ton of fun and a super workout lifting and lowering the parachute for 2 hours. 🙂 There was also face painting, a crafts area, balloon hats, some super cool monster tricycles and music. I was in my element. Hooray for the Music Program at the Children’s Hospitals in town.

Watch the whole video below. It is SO good!!

Democracy is an Active Sport

I am SO SO SO proud of my daughter and her friends for being active in the democratic process. You all give me HOPE.

We are not against people with this march. We are FOR putting the powers-that-be on notice that they are being watched (they DO work FOR US, after all) and that rights shall not be taken away. America has always been great and has always been a melting pot. There shall not be a registry and there shall not be a wall. My mother and her half sister were separated by the wall in Germany for many years. Build bridges, not walls. And power to the People!! (Love you gals SO much ❤ )



Life After Facebook

It is SO nice, here in Portland, to get out of the house without snow, ice, freezing rain, slush, flooding, temps in the teens and the Apocalyptic Horsemen greeting us anymore as they had on a daily basis. Horsemen can be a little temperamental, I tell ya!

Life without Facebook is delightful. I am focused on my school work and instruments (which means, I have probably found more instruments 🙂 I am still on FB Messenger and I quickly scan notifications, but the rest of Facebook is merrily scrolling by without me.

And now for the must-have item!! Not only is the Heartland Carbon Fiber Harp super light, but it can be sterilized between patient rooms in the hospital. My goal is to be a Certified Clinical Musician through the Harp for Healing program. This harp is crazy expensive though. It will work out somehow.


1) Drive down the middle of the road, through slush, to get to the hammer dulcimer teacher’s house. Have a fun lesson.

2) Eat at Veggie Grill – YUM.

3) Go to JoAnn’s Fabrics. Buy 4 small felt squares and 2 pounds of polyfill. Those are going to be some mighty stuffed teddy bears!

4) Come home and resurrect clawhammer banjo playing and remember how much I LOVE it! See below.

5) Put on heart monitor. Open app on phone. Run up and down stairs like a maniac. Bounce on mini trampoline like a maniac. Heart rate feels like it’s way up there but it’s not. My resting heart rate is 47-52. Burn 77 calories in 10 minutes. Go back to the (incredibly rare, almost never watch) mindless TV. Stellar day. The snow and ice that turned into slush is now, with the rain, turning into flooding.




Patience = tuning 46 strings on my hammer dulcimer (the smallest model), and then having to go back and tune them all again, right away. They haven’t liked this Portland weather either.

Barring any infestation by locusts, I assume Portland schools will finally be a “go” again. Moms around town are doing a happy dance right now. They get awards for endless patience!




Like Coffee for Blood

That’s a play on the title “Like Water for Chocolate”; a movie.

I recently saw an ad that promised a 12 oz.bag of coffee to folks who come in to donate blood to BloodworksNW – a group that has been around for 75 years. The blood they collect goes to Oregon, Washington and Alaska – probably even to the Children’s Hospital where I volunteer every week. Whereas the Red Cross specializes in disaster relief, BloodworksNW specializes in research into blood diseases and such. Well – not one to turn down free coffee, I donated today for the first time in over 10 years!! I was fairly woozy for several hours afterwards due to hunger and dehydration, but I’m bouncing back. That was my service project for MLK Day. Coffee – yum. 🙂



Up to Zero

The temps are finally up to freezing (which would be zero in Celsius) here in Lake Oswego. I never thought I’d be excited about getting UP to freezing, especially since my best operating temperature is 70-110 degrees F 🙂 Walking around the neighborhood required 3 gaits – normal for dry pavement, slightly guarded for packed snow, and a low center of gravity and creeping for sheets of ice. In areas where the plow had been, the snow was piled up to the height of my hip. This craziness should be finished by Tuesday – YAY!!

(Addendum: Freezing rain on the way and kiddos on their 9th snow day from school.)







Monster Drink Icicle

All those years of driving up Mt. Hood to go snowboarding – often by myself – have paid off. I made it through some gnarly driving conditions today, on ice and snow, with no chains or special tires and did fine – as long as people weren’t right up on my rumpus. But these conditions cause us to be mindful of so many things we take for granted. Yay for slowing down and enjoying the scenery (even though I almost got hopelessly stuck in one intersection and the parking lot at the grocery store was a complete ICE rink). Snowmageddon, 2017. It’s been lovely but I’m ready for summer.