Life After Facebook

It is SO nice, here in Portland, to get out of the house without snow, ice, freezing rain, slush, flooding, temps in the teens and the Apocalyptic Horsemen greeting us anymore as they had on a daily basis. Horsemen can be a little temperamental, I tell ya!

Life without Facebook is delightful. I am focused on my school work and instruments (which means, I have probably found more instruments 🙂 I am still on FB Messenger and I quickly scan notifications, but the rest of Facebook is merrily scrolling by without me.

And now for the must-have item!! Not only is the Heartland Carbon Fiber Harp super light, but it can be sterilized between patient rooms in the hospital. My goal is to be a Certified Clinical Musician through the Harp for Healing program. This harp is crazy expensive though. It will work out somehow.

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