Like Coffee for Blood

That’s a play on the title “Like Water for Chocolate”; a movie.

I recently saw an ad that promised a 12 oz.bag of coffee to folks who come in to donate blood to BloodworksNW – a group that has been around for 75 years. The blood they collect goes to Oregon, Washington and Alaska – probably even to the Children’s Hospital where I volunteer every week. Whereas the Red Cross specializes in disaster relief, BloodworksNW specializes in research into blood diseases and such. Well – not one to turn down free coffee, I donated today for the first time in over 10 years!! I was fairly woozy for several hours afterwards due to hunger and dehydration, but I’m bouncing back. That was my service project for MLK Day. Coffee – yum. 🙂



2 responses to “Like Coffee for Blood

  1. Cool! Like how you set link and type up what you and what music you like. I love the Movie ‘Water Like Chocolate’ saw many years ago.

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