Hey Y’all

Lovely Pen Pals – you shall hear from me soon. I am returning from La La Land, also known as a computer crash and having been under the weather.

So – a question for all y’all out there. (I’m warming up for my trip back South with that kinda lingo. Sure wish the lightning bugs were already out at home. Oops – I digress). How do y’all keep up with all the social stuff – emails, Facebook, blogging etc.? I have so many lovely folks following my blog but I’m not able to keep up with all of it myself. Please know I think of you all and I’m sending a southern blessing – may you have abundant fireflies and (vegan) moonpies. 🙂

Here’s the song I am playing for my lesson on Wednesday – nowhere near as good as my teacher in the video!!!

Puppies and Sunshine

My inventory on puppies is low but the SUN is shining in Oregon (alert the media!!), the flowers are coming up, my computer crashed and swallowed everything, my handpan should be here in 48 hours (YES!!!!) and the chamber ensemble, of which I am a member, put on a downright respectable performance last night.

Wait – did she say computer crash? Yesiree. According to Pete the computer guru, it was not a virus but a glitch that just wiped out my files, email accounts, histories, pictures, address book etc. with nary a backup. Acceptance Part 2. I can scream and cry or just pull out the banjo, wallow in flower buds, look for puppies, and sweat out any “grrr” in Bikram Yoga class. Of course, these things always happen 10 minutes before Pete leaves on yet another business trip but alas…. (Here’s the plus side of Pen Pal Letters!)

Puppies!! Sunshine!!

Puppies!! Sunshine!!

Strings galore

Many moons ago, when it was still popular to wear bell bottom jeans and to say groovy and far out, I played classical guitar. There were 6 strings to tune, which seemed to take forever.

This morning, in the wee insomniac hours, I decided to count the strings of all the instruments I play. The hammer dulcimer, and mine is the smallest model, has 46. The harp, also a fairly small model, has 26. The octave mandolin has 8 and the banjo has 5. That’s about a gazillion strings, or 85, depending on your counting methods.

Tuning all my strings is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. When I’ve come to the end, it’s time to start over again.


582 tuning pegs. Objects may appear less numerous in photographic situations. 🙂

Fun with PT!

Now the physical therapy sessions are getting to be fun and interesting since I’m, and this is a direct quote, on “the VERGE of NORMAL”. I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite that close so that is a reason to run and jump with joy. However, since my ever fabulous PT taped up my feet so my ankles would work mo’ betta, running isn’t going to happen. Right now, I’m happy to just walk without falling all over myself. I think he should have taped my mouth instead since I can chatter so much 🙂

Dan, TEFPT (The Ever Fabulous PT), gave me a new title in regard to the instruments I play or want to play. He called me a harpelele flutist. How cool is that? If you take the 5 instruments I have going (and don’t add the others that are yet to join me), I would actually be a hammer harpomandobanjo flutist of the dulcimer variety. Or, an octave harpoflutist hammer banjodulci mandolinist. Or…the list goes on! 🙂

This tape color is SO last week! I should have asked for the purple. 🙂