Puppies and Sunshine

My inventory on puppies is low but the SUN is shining in Oregon (alert the media!!), the flowers are coming up, my computer crashed and swallowed everything, my handpan should be here in 48 hours (YES!!!!) and the chamber ensemble, of which I am a member, put on a downright respectable performance last night.

Wait – did she say computer crash? Yesiree. According to Pete the computer guru, it was not a virus but a glitch that just wiped out my files, email accounts, histories, pictures, address book etc. with nary a backup. Acceptance Part 2. I can scream and cry or just pull out the banjo, wallow in flower buds, look for puppies, and sweat out any “grrr” in Bikram Yoga class. Of course, these things always happen 10 minutes before Pete leaves on yet another business trip but alas…. (Here’s the plus side of Pen Pal Letters!)

Puppies!! Sunshine!!

Puppies!! Sunshine!!

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