Hey Y’all

Lovely Pen Pals – you shall hear from me soon. I am returning from La La Land, also known as a computer crash and having been under the weather.

So – a question for all y’all out there. (I’m warming up for my trip back South with that kinda lingo. Sure wish the lightning bugs were already out at home. Oops – I digress). How do y’all keep up with all the social stuff – emails, Facebook, blogging etc.? I have so many lovely folks following my blog but I’m not able to keep up with all of it myself. Please know I think of you all and I’m sending a southern blessing – may you have abundant fireflies and (vegan) moonpies. 🙂

Here’s the song I am playing for my lesson on Wednesday – nowhere near as good as my teacher in the video!!!

6 responses to “Hey Y’all

  1. . Like you, I’ve been having health probs (again) My blog(s) are still waiting to be updated .Photos are sitting in camera waiting to be up/down(?) loaded to FB to prove I cooked my DD a totally vegan meal on the weekend..and IOU a snail mail reply. Tomorrow I have cataract surgery
    I haven’t updated my CQJP2014 posting
    BUT.I am reading a good book!
    The rest will follow “sometime”!!

  2. Thank you nuvofelt! I hadn’t been sick in 3 whole years so I guess it was time. Just a bit of the sniffles and some lovely allergies. I suppose that by living in the Pacific NW, I’m on as top of the world as I’ll get without visiting Santa 🙂

  3. I have copy of the message I sent to you in response to your message on 18th March, but it seems to have disappeared! My iPad keeps ‘unliking’ posts I’ve ‘liked’ and messages mysteriously vanish. I apologise. It was to say that I was so pleased my post arrived safely and that it cheered you up. I hope you’re now feeling better and on the road to recovery. Best wishes from UK 🙂

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