Post-Midnight Bunnies and Banjoes

Yesterday, I hugged a friend’s therapy dog because it was supposedly hypoallergenic. Welll – not so much, unfortunately. At 2am, still waiting for the reaction to die down and for Auntie Histamine to kick into gear, I found myself watching tutorials on my iPhone – on how to make origami Easter bunnies that have a basket area large enough to hold a hard boiled egg. Yep, that’s how I spend my time, folks. I am clearly an asset to this planet 🙂 But truly, origami is an amazing art form. Check out Origami Spirit

On another note – pun intended – I had my first clawhammer banjo lesson today with my new teacher, Curt Alsobrook. He is awesome! I have about 6 months of group and private classes under my belt? fingers? in the past, but got derailed with the chronic pain years, so here we go again.

And I just have to sing it again, “Oh I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee – because I really do!!!”

Check out Curt’s “wicked good” playing here:

Pen Pal Letters

Yippee, the pen pal letters are starting to arrive. They totally made my day after a tough week, which included the unexpected loss of someone. Bless you and thank you. You know who you are. A reply will be on the way Monday. *Doing a happy dance*

See the tab in the menu for an explanation about the Pen Pal Project.

Handwritten letters and even origami. Woo hoo!!!

Handwritten letters and even origami. Woo hoo!!!