Spiraling Up

I’ve been swept up in the social media world of sound bytes. I post sad news on Facebook and everyone is silent. I post a picture of my lunch and instantly get 15 “likes”. Silly, isn’t it? But I find myself having gotten lazy in terms of writing something thoughtful here.

The thought for the day is that when life spirals downwards, it just keeps on going at times and can get really ugly. I’ve, fortunately, been spiraling ever upwards since last year. I’m the happiest and feeling the best I have in EONS (not being in pain 24/7 makes such a difference). I’ve experimented with so many things; kept the best and let go of the rest. Hammer dulcimer got an honest try – twice – and then it was let go. I never thought I would like the harp but I LOVE it. Some friendships needed to be released; new ones are finally being formed. A self-owned, small business venture was unexpectedly dropped (from franchise HQ); a new one is in the works. So much more to add but you get the picture.

Ahhh – hell is behind me. Life is good.

Playing music in the hospitals through the Children's Cancer Association

Playing music in the hospitals through the Children’s Cancer Association

Zippity Do Dah

What else does one call a post when one has not posted in so long?

I have been snowed under with countless things since the end of March. I knew that at some point, I would miss those long, lonesome days of just sitting on the couch (not missing the chronic pain and vertigo), just crocheting and watching the mailman make his rounds. I have drawn all kinds of opportunities to myself but some “opps” were not altogether fun – there was an outpatient surgical procedure that had me on Vicodin for a week. I now declare that there is nothing left on me to cut, burn, poke, biopsy or stitch! The husband unit was carted off to the ER with a kidney stone. BUT…

….drum roll… there was a ton of good stuff. For the first time in *years*, I am feeling sheer excitement again. I went back to Bikram yoga last night for the first time in well over a year. Who knew that having had a cantaloupe sized fibroid tumor removed last year would make such a difference in postures and balance? I’m training for a half marathon that I’m doing as a fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Association. I’m hosting many house concerts and music jams. I’ve started an online school program to become a therapeutic musician. (That is someone who plays one on one, bedside, for patients who are facing surgery or are in Hospice. I calm them through music! It’s a new field and I hope to blaze a trail and be employed again for the first time in ages!!). I started playing the harp and love it way more than I thought I would (along with way too many other instruments).

Just one good thing after another. Life is grand. Never thought I’d make that statement after having been virtually suicidal – or at the very least, almost completely hopeless – not all that long ago. HOORAH!