Kindermusik practicum FUN!

The 3rd Kindermusik practicum class today was FUN, FUN, FUN!!! I love the kids, I love the grown-ups, I love the singing/dancing/playing we’re doing. I’m truly transported to a magic space, which is important to keep in mind. This Bama born and bred gal (me) ails ALOT with the Oregon gray weather. I’ve been itching to move somewhere tropical. Maybe I just need to hold Kindermusik classes ALL the time instead of heading to Florida?? 🙂

Here’s what I’d really like to do. Live in Oregon, April 1st till Dec 6th, and then live somewhere WARM from Dec 7th until March 31st. Hey, other snowbirds do it, why not? Nothing beats Oregon summers – or tropical winters 🙂

If you haven’t done so yet, check out In the bottom left corner where it says, “Try a free preview class”, my schedule will soon be listed!

Keep singing and dancing y’all!


Just a friendly shout out to all you who deal with Seasonal Affect Disorder. I’m looking for some compadres who feel like an overwatered, under-lighted mushroom in daily life.

I know and practice as many of the coping techniques as possible – the “happy lamp”, exercise, sauna, Vitamin D, etc. etc. and some more etc. I’m looking for people who finally threw in the towel and moved – or who somehow found a way to stay in their current location. (I know that moving is not always an option). Are you in a significant relationship where the other person is HAPPY (how do they DO that??) in the gray and rain but you can’t even function? 20 karma points for any personal stories. Thanks in advance. May the Light and the palm trees be with you!

Does this stalk make me look fat?

Does this stalk make me look fat?