Holiday Happenings

Hey y’all!

It was a splendid Christmas this year with Teresa and Kholi here, visiting for a week. They are the world’s easiest guests and so fun to be with. Teresa is now, after a 25+ hour trip from LA, in Western Australia in 99 degree weather. She SO should have taken her mama along 🙂

I’m up to my eyeballs in Kindermusik training. While I’m enjoying learning so much, I’m really ready to be singing, dancing and having fun with the kids and their caregivers. The holidays have put a bit of a detour into the works with getting the practicum set up and the contract signed with the church for the room rental. But after a few more weeks of study, getting licensed, getting my business name, advertising like a wild woman etc etc etc, the new journey will finally begin! At that point, I will start yet another blog for the business to keep the parents and general public informed of scheds and such (but will still maintain this one as well).

From Kindermusik International. A sweet look at what Kindermusik is all about.


As this year winds down, I’d like to wish everyone a healthy, happy, FUN, adventurous and musical New Year!