Doing the Insomnia Waltz

Woop woop. It’s 3am and I’m not asleep. Not that I don’t want to be. Creativity abounds as I gear up to promote my mom’s TWO books. Hello!! How many authors do you know who have written their memoir in their non-native, second language and then written the virtual equivalent and had it published in Germany? I bet you can’t name a single one other than – drum roll – MY MOM! 🙂 Stay tuned. More details to come.

I also have  10,351 ideas on how to get my small business up and running. Visions of the business growing so fast that I can’t manage it all collide with, “Oh wait – I don’t actually have any people yet! I’m still in training. I need families for my practicum”. I’m doing a 180 career change, at the tender age of 51 no less, from having interpreted for Deaf adults to teaching music to kids under the age of 7 (and their families)! I’m excited. Head, shoulders, knees and toes!! *Bursts forth in gleeful singing*

Then there are my many musical instruments, my writing, some of my exercise and my new camera that are feeling abandoned. “I’ll get back to you kiddos. Hang tight”

I’m talking to inanimate objects at 3am.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes – Go To Sleep! Head, shoulders, knees and …zzzzz

Wow, my hair is short. It's not really 3am. Oh wait - that's not really me :)

Wow, my hair is short. It’s not really 3am. Oh wait – that’s not really me 🙂