Grateful (Pen Pal Project update)

First, I am grateful for laughing with friends. Thanks for making my day, Christine, with sparkly energy and lovely sincerity. Don’t you feel as if a new door has opened? 🙂 And thanks, Annie, for being awesome.

Wowee – when I started the Pen Pal Project, I was hoping for people who needed some cheering up and who might just scribble a note to me on a used pub napkin. It turns out that I have been cheered tremendously by what has come in so far and I have been blown away by the creativity and thoughtfulness. I don’t want this to sound like some competition though because it is definitely *not* that. (I’m still waiting for a scrawled on piece of a grocery bag – grins). I cherish everything that is sent this way.

If you want your contributions shown and names/blogs listed, I am happy to do that. Likewise, if you would like to correspond without any internet hoop-de-doo, I would like to honor that as well. Once we really get going, I can connect my Pen Pals with each other, if you’d like. Check the tab in the menu bar for an update on the countries of origin for correspondence. Be well, be blessed.

Nuvofelt asked that I post this "naked art". It is exquisite and had virtually no postal abuse. Everyone go check out Nuvofelt on wordpress!

Here is the “naked art” that made it from the UK to the US with nary a scratch. Exquisite paper. I want to learn how to create this. Feel free to identify yourself and your blog in the comments. THANK YOU!!!


A photo on cotton with stitching and 3D charms from Australia.

A photo on cotton with stitching and 3D charms from Australia. Wow! Feel free to identify yourself in the comments if you so wish. THANK YOU!!