Since last October, I have been playing flute music in the lobby of one of the children’s hospitals in town. It has certainly been a great experience so far, and I look forward to continuing there.

Today, though, I got to play on the unit with the children at the “other” hospital. I LOVED it. A few people told me, in passing, that the music was soothing. A staff member told me that 2 patients down the hall wanted their doors open so they could hear me. YAY! (I marvel at that because I was told repeatedly, before arriving, that I should play very quietly). My dream job would be to get paid to play therapeutic music to folks who need it. And I think we all need it!

The best moment today was when a young boy (a patient) came by on a scooter and asked me about my alto flute. I told him it was really heavy and just handed it over for him to hold. He told me it was not heavy and that it looked like a walking cane (because of the curved head piece). 🙂

I can’t wait till I get to play again!!!




Hallway Musician

I am thrilled out of my mind to be a hallway musician in a local children’s hospital soon. What exactly is that? Well, I’m parked in a public area, rather than a patient’s room, and will be playing soothing flute music for one hour in one area, and then for another hour in another area of the hospital. If that sounds nebulous, I haven’t been there yet and don’t know what to expect. Have flute, will travel 🙂

This will be happening in SEVEN days. I have 3 flutes that I haven’t really touched in months. I have a new iPhone that I’m not altogether familiar with yet. So…I need to set up iTunes, buy downloadable background tracks and a speaker, and then gain some experience with operating this technology. Did I mention that I need to WRITE the melody and harmony parts, practice them, and then synch that up with this new technology – in seven days?? Nothing like a little pressure to get going. But this is something I REALLY want to do and just can’t wait. 

Monster flute. Actually, it’s called a bass flute.

Deep breath. Feel the room spinning. Ahhhhh