Bodacious Beltaine Birthday Bash

My birthday, on 9/30, was truly one of the most memorable this time around. Four lovely friends and Pete were at the Stillhouse Pub with me to enjoy food, libations and the glorious sounds of Beltaine. John, Jamie and Brian – from Beltaine Music – graciously invited me up on stage (read: uneven sidewalk by the boulder under the tree in the grand outdoors on a beautiful night) to play along on a few songs. Pictures and more comments will be added tomorrow. I’m still way out of it after a BUSY week in Alabama with family and friends. G’nite, y’all.

What’s the Irish translation for “Woo Hoo”?

Click on the YouTube logo below to view the video and the attached comments on the YouTube channel. You know I love comments. Even my comments often have comments.  🙂