Go More West, Young Woman

The Pacific Ocean is big. Real big!

13 hours of flying is long. Super long! 

After a 19 hour day, I had to laugh at the super duper cool toilet. Wash the front, the back, poke my eyes out – right now, I don’t really care 🙂 The other pic shows where we are – exhausted and poorly lit, but we made it! (Not the final destination though).


Go West, Young Woman

We were looking for a palm reader but found this instead 🙂 First part of the trip is over. We thought everything was perfect and wonderful, which surprised the flight attendants. Several grumpy passengers yelled at them (in 1st class, on the way to Hawaii – really??) Okie doke – next time we land, it will be “tomorrow night” over the date line!!




Tofu steak, broccolini, quinoa and chili sauce. It must be Cal – yum!

After ice on the roads in Portland and a 3 hour delay of our flight, we finally arrived in SF! Super empty plane. Pete got upgraded to first class so I insisted he take advantage of it. I got all 12 seats of both exit rows in coach to myself. I did some extreme crocheting with new yarn and enjoyed an insanely beautiful sunset. Part one of The Trip of a Lifetime complete. More tomorrow!


Uh – was it something I said?