I need to stay away from Facebook and the news. It’s the only way I can cope with the insanity. Let me say right off the bat, I am not against all Republicans. If we had Jeb Bush, Rubio, Romney, McCain – ANY sane person who isn’t a loose cannon as President, I could live with that. Not a clueless, narcissistic, reality show host who needs constant drama and constant attention.

The phrase that has really come to bother me is “people in other countries are jealous of what we have in the US and wish to do us harm”. How pompous. Delusions of grandeur. What made the US the gold standard of how to be? How ethnocentric. Just on infant mortality alone – we stink, and have for quite awhile, so that cannot be politicized.

When we march into another country unprovoked (Iraq), kill their leader, destabilize the region and let them descend into chaos and then BAN them all from coming to the US – pompous! Arrogant! Delusions of grandeur!

But Trump doesn’t ban Saudi Arabia, that actually did do us harm (15 of the 19, 9/11 terrorists were Saudi)? Russia took over Crimea and SHOT DOWN a passenger plane, killing all 298 on board, and Donald is in bed with Vladimir? This makes NO sense – unless it is all about self-enrichment. Follow the money, folks. Follow the money!!

When your minions have to apologize, clarify or brush off your comments on a daily basis – you may be the wrong person for the job. When your admin detains a young Iranian boy at an airport because he might be a threat but you Tweet every f*ing thing that comes to your mind on an **unsecured** phone, you may be the wrong person for the job. Go back to real estate, Donny. The US is NOT a giant Mar a Lago for rich, white people. You are provoking the very people you want to “protect” us from. Why? You need the war machine to be in full gear to enrich yourself and the top brass. More money. More power. Your insecurity is so visible on a daily basis that any would-be attacker only has to praise you to get you in their pocket, and insult you to keep you busy and distracted. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump tweeted while America disintegrated.

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