Cat Scanned

Got my “cat scanned”  (CT scan) just a while ago. It’s a mixed blessing when one of the techs in the hospital imaging dept. recognized me from all my trips to see him in the past.

One of the male techs (I had 3 of them) asked if I was wearing an underwire bra. It interferes with the imaging and frankly, so many things in life. “Not any more”, as I took it off with my shirt still on and flung it aside. Don’t expect modesty and proper protocol from a former massage school student. 🙂

Now I wait. If I have to do this alone, at least it’s not the “scream your head off and hope to keel over” kind of pain. But those kind tend to move faster. Mine is more “let’s keep poking you and making you feel nauseous as we enjoy this slow drive through the countryside”. Whee.

Addendum: Scan came back clear although the report talked about my right flank (thanks for making me sound like a race horse 🙂 even though the stone(s) were on the LEFT side. Right, left, what’s the difference? As I started feeling crazy for having made all this up, the doc assured me there was a positive “dip test” that I could not have faked. And Houston – we have “gravel”. The last time I had this kind of pain, I got a 9 lb baby out of it. 🙂

Hopefully, all this is over and I can get on with life.

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