My heart is full…

I had my first hammer dulcimer lesson yesterday since the summer of 2011, at which point I was battling chronic pain and not really understanding anything my teacher was saying. Last night I felt pretty good and I could follow the teacher and remember some parts of the tune via watching and listening. HOORAH.

Today, I got to immerse myself in the glorious land of DB tactile ASL and reconnect with some dear friends. As soon as the workshop started, I was absolutely overcome with tears of joy.

My heart is full, my tears are dry, the possibilities are endless. Music in Portland, DB terping in Seattle, terping in Hawaii, move back to the south???? I’m ready to fully reclaim my life and get on with it but I’m going to need some Divine road signs – *really* clear ones – because I can’t be everywhere, doing all of this at once!

THIS way, moose girl!!

THIS way, moose girl!!

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