Grotto Music Finale

I just completed my 5th and final night, playing flute outdoors for 3 hours, at the Grotto. Compared to the 19 degree temps from a few weeks ago, tonight’s 34 degrees were downright balmy – sort of. 🙂

I loved the whole experience, especially hobnobbing with so many folks and educating them on the ways of the alto flute. Several children got to “help” me play by mashing keys but I found out that “gently!!” is a relative term.

For posterity’s sake, I want to record the fun highlights from tonight. A grown man (with special needs) played with his yoyo inches from my face. A young girl picked her nose inches from my face (a few weeks ago, a child sneezed all over my open song book). The top prize tonight goes to the young boy who grabbed the flute I was not playing at the time and just slobbered all over the mouth piece. The poor mom and grandma were mortified. I just smiled and realized I would need to use my special Slobber Be Gone spray at home. (Not quite sure what that would be? A shot of whiskey for me, a shot of whiskey for my flute. Silent night, all is sterile and bright!)

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