What a week this has been so far. Last weekend, I played flute outdoors at the Grotto in sub 25 degree temps. The first 3 hour night was do-able but the second night, with my holding *very* cold metal with bare hands and standing still, was just too painful (It’s not possible to play the flute with gloves and the fingerless ones don’t help that much. Jumping jacks while playing flute is right out). 

What added to the excitement is that a family member was taken to the ER on the first night of my Grotto stint. We will be doing an emergency, pre-holiday visit soon with said anonymous sick person. Today, I had to cancel playing at the hospital because my guts were so off. I’m guessing it might be stress?! 🙂 Tomorrow, I will be playing briefly in a public performance with the key thought: sometimes “good enough” just has to be good enough. If it’s somewhat pretty and it makes one person’s day better – that would be great! I would like that.

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of when Chris left us. We miss you everyday, Chris. I will be like the little drummer boy and play my best for you – because that is all I can do. If you can send some good llama energy down to the frazzled moose, I sure would appreciate that!

For you Chris.

For you Chris.


We forgot Dad somewhere?

We forgot Dad somewhere?


Chris (aka llama boy)

Chris (aka llama boy)


2 responses to “Whataweek!

  1. I love the photo of all of ya’ll…such a great memory of the past for you to treasure! Hope your family member is okay….prayers sent up that they are…love you and wish I could have seen you! Hopefully next time!

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