The Willfull Blind

(A poem in iambic tetrameter – dedicated to those above reproach)


The willfull blind refuse to see

They flail about with daggers sharp

Inflicting wounds unknown to them

Aggressive gouging victims’ hearts


No sooner do the injured cry

The blind deny, the truth they bend

“I could not harm, I’ve done no wrong

Weak ego now must I defend”


“If you are hurt and I’m the cause

I’ll not amend nor see your side

My righteous view must be upheld

Above all else, there is my pride”


“Oh sighted one, too sensitive

You misperceive, the fault is yours

You take to heart my wounding ways

The barbs I’ve lobbed, I will ignore”


“You crazy, stupid, foolish girl

This kinship we will not prolong

Rejoin the fold, apologize

We Willfull Blind are never wrong”


Copyright ©2013 Marianne Decher

Permission to copy and distribute poem if you credit the author. Otherwise, karma will bite you in the rumpus. Photo is in the public domain.




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