From every bad, there comes some good

Right now, I’m in a seized up, can’t see straight, pain fest. (Can’t wait to hear the good in this one, she mutters to herself). The first good thing is that my ever fabulous PT, Dan, was able to fit me in for a 90 minute appt that should have lasted 45. He is always incredibly generous.

I figured all these muscle spasms are from my just being so out of shape because of all the past injuries and traumas. Well, I am out of shape, but fortunately, that’s not the entire picture. I happen to have a hypermobile spine that also has alot of torsion in it. So yay – I’m about 90-95% not at fault for my spine being a big ol mess.

The “more bad” is that I have to rearrange my last Kindermusik practicum class next week and I have to postpone my playing music at the hospital. I hate doing that because I don’t want to appear as a flake, but sometimes ya just have to. Poor Pete, who is working 18 hour days and gearing up for another impending business trip, will have to do all the work to get our family room ready for my Kindermusik class but at least I can still have it, as scheduled, here at home.

The good in that is the family room will get really cleaned up and tested as a prospective Kindermusik site!

So, alot of good from La Poop! I just wish I could breathe deeply without half my back going into spasm. Oh, oxygen is so overrated. Let’s do anaerobics!!


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