Leap of Faith

Today was the first day of my Kindermusik practicum. It was FUN! It was wild! It was – downright inspiring. As an empty-nester, I realized (again) how much I miss the little guys. Young children are so authentic, creative, imaginative and in the moment! I also realized how much I miss teaching. My Special Ed degree was eons ago, but I have, in one way or another, been involved in teaching/tutoring/mentoring most of my life.

The adults and kids in my practicum are so wonderful, I’d like to take them all home. That might be hard to explain to Pete when he’s back from his business trip. Talk about not leaving my work at the office! 🙂

10 pounds of materials for 30 minutes of class. That’s an average of .33 pounds per minute. (I’ve been with an engineer too long) 🙂

Now for my “Leap of Faith” story. I had a Divine Inspiration of sorts recently to offer my Kindermusik business, once it is up and running, on a donation basis in order to level the playing field in the greater Portland area. However, I’m finding that I will be swallowed up in debt so fast that this model won’t work yet. Hopefully down the road, I can offer scholarships or have a nonprofit, 501c3 portion to my business. That remains to be seen but the good intentions are definintely there!

There is also a music specialist position open at the hospital where I am already volunteering as a hallway musician for sick kids. If I didn’t need it for flute playing, I would (virtually) give my right arm to have that job, especially if it’s on a part-time basis.

Big leaps, stretching the faith portion accordingly.


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