Frog Puppet Emergency

I have had months to prepare for my Kindermusik practicum, and it finally starts tomorrow. I am SO excited. The only glitch is that I need a frog puppet (yay for last minute!)

*Red alert* All hands on deck. All frogs on deck. *Arooga, arooga* (sound of alarm).

I guess in this modern, techno age, puppets are a little hard to come by. However, I found a shop across town that has one. Now for an EFPPP – emergency frog puppet procurement procedure. Toads away, full steam ahead!

I make appearances sans The Pig!

I make appearances sans The Pig!

Your tongue would be sticking out too if you were this flat!

Your tongue would be sticking out too if you were this flat!

Late breaking update:

“The Unbelievable, Amazing Frog Puppet Adventure”

I had a doctor’s appointment in downtown Portland at 4pm. The toy store was to close at 6 pm. I had plenty of time to go fetch my Amazing Amphibian of Puppet Origins, right? Wrong! As doctors’ appointments go, I was lucky to be out of there by 5:30. I raced my incredibly directionally impaired self through the dark and stormy night streets of Portland, missed one of my planned turns, and finally found street parking at 5:50pm. I got my parking permit from the machine that is so slow I could have filed my nails and curled my hair, slapped it in the window of my car, and proceeded to RUN like a crazy child. It was now 5:54pm

One block over and five blocks down, after dodging SUVs, street cars and hidden-in-the-dark potholes, I raced into Finnegan’s Toy Store, at 5:58.5pm and panted loudly, “I NEED A FROG PUPPET”. Apparently they are used to people making such proclamations because they did not bat an eye. They found me my lovely, plush, it even sings, Ueber Frog. After purchasing it, I did the eco friendly, Portland thing and refused their paper bag. Away I went, down the streets at night, grinning widely with an oversized frog noggin hanging out of my purse. Another adventure in the name of children’s music!

I think I've outgrown this purse!

I think I’ve outgrown this purse!

Ready to sing and to delight some kids!

Ready to sing and to delight some kids!


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