More angels

The last fews days have been challenging, mainly with an unexpected pain fest, but some awesome things happened along the way.

Sunday night, Pete and I listened to a live Irish session. On a small side stage, 3 year old twins were “dancing like no one was looking”, as the saying goes. They inspired me and helped me to feel better by just being themselves.

Last night, Pete and I listened to a live bluegrass jam. Bluegrass will heal anything that ails ya, guaranteed. At the booth that was next to and above ours (picture 2 levels of booths with 3 stairs leading to the top level) the cutest little girl peeked over and smiled at me. I engaged her in conversation but it eventually got to where her mom told her to “stop bothering the lady so she can eat her dinner”. I told her I was the one who brought on the chatting and that I should be put in time out 🙂 As the family was leaving, the little girl wanted to say good-bye to me. Two and a half year old Stevie came running over and gave me a spontaneous, big hug. Totally made my day!!

Annie, the angel, has rounded up several gals, with whom I used to interpret, to come to my Kindermusik practicum. The last time I saw these gals, they weren’t even preggos yet so I hadn’t thought to contact them. It will be SO nice to have friendly, familiar faces, and their sweet little ones, at my practicum.

Whew – the clouds have parted and the angels are singing. Things are looking up!

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