Angels Amongst Us

Today was one of those rare, high pain, flare-up, run for the Vicodin type of days, which hasn’t happened much at all since last summer. But my ever fabulous, super PT, Dan, happened to have an opening and then spent the better part of 2 hours soothing all my Humpty Dumpty kaputness, which I think was equal sqooshed spirit and misaligned body parts.

He gave me the million dollar, “what’s wrong with me in a nutshell”, line – I have “autogenic inhibition of the transverse abdominus mediated by sacral torsion” – something like that. It means that my abs are very inhibited because they’ve gotten so out of shape over the years and my sacrum is torqued because it’s an automatic and not a stick shift – you know, transversely speaking.  🙂

I had planned on meeting two of my buddies, with whom I used to interpret, at 4pm. After finding out about the last minute PT opening, I moved our get together till 4:30. I didn’t get out of my appt until almost 5pm, way across town, and then called them. “I’m sooo sorry. If you’ve already eaten or want to leave, I totally understand”. “No way. We’re waiting for you”. After catching up on each others’ lives, I told them how I’m transitioning from having interpreted for Deaf adults to soon teaching music to young children. They both said how I had been good at interpreting and how they used to request from our boss the opp to work with me. When I came home, I burst out in tears recounting the story to Pete. I *mattered* and I used to be good at the field that I didn’t ask to give up. After much chatter on my part, Pete kindly measured out my super meds because I was too seized up to figure the correct dosage.

Another good thing that happened today is that while my niece thinks she had a miscarriage recently because of excessive bleeding, it MAY turn out that she didn’t lose the baby after all. She finds out on Wed. And to top it all off, my parents celebrated 57 years of marriage today. How many people can say that – as the celebrators or as an abdominally inhibited, sacral-mediated tortoise daughter of wedded bliss co-celebrants??? (I TOLD you I was a skilled interpreter – bwhahaha). From bereft to blessed via good, kind, caring peeps – and sometimes Vicodin is just part of the equation.

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