For Chris

Life never promised clean closures and tidy

like perfect Christmas bows – 


Grief is a fickle, unfathomable guest who

tip-toes away in the night

only to


set my feet,

like those of a wobbly fawn,

on the slickest of


Flailing, grasping –

the impending impact with sorrow wounds


Yet by its nature

remains unseen


by those around.

No wise words find their way to me now….

Rhythmic crunching of salt-sprinkled chips

overrule a sensible gym workout,

as I sit in silent solitude

listening intently for the indelible echoes of your

memorable laugh.

Time stands still in the daily


of the magnificent and the mundane

We miss you terribly, Chris –

and wonder when we truly first

lost you. 


Rest in Peace, Chris. You will always be in our hearts.

11/18/56 – 12/12/11 


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