Happy Birthday, Chris

November 18th. You would have been 56. You left us way too early and we miss you terribly, Chris. Like I told mom today, when it comes to losing you, we’ll get through it but we’ll never get over it.

If all our computers jam up and our lights go on the fritz like they did when you died, I’ll take that as a good sign. Just not for too long, ok llama?

Love, Moosegal

(“Llama and moose” was an inside joke that Chris and I shared based on the Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” Movie.)

6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Chris

  1. Missing him, too, Marianne. Of course, I believe that if he could he would tell us that he is fine now. No worries and at peace. And, he would tell us not to be sad….but, that’s impossible. Haven’t figured that one out yet. How to not be sad….He would really be surprised, I think, if he really knew how much he meant to so many people! Love you, Marianne. Oh, and tell your mom and dad I said hi and that I’m thinking of them. Even though I’m not good with phone calls….:( I do intend to get your mom a card in the mail next month. For that is going to be a real hard month to get through….

    • You always make my day, Carolyn. Yes, I think Chris would be very surprised to see how important he was to so many people. It was standing room only at the funeral home. And I know a card would mean the world to my parents. Losing a child, even at 55, has absolutely got to be the worst. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Love and hugs, Marianne

    • There has been much crying because it was such a “messy” loss – unexpected, many unresolved issues. But he and I are at peace now with what is. I know I will see him again. Thanks for stopping by.

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