Yoga Challenge Day 423 – million

OK, so day 4 FEELS like 423 million. And I never exaggerate 🙂

I was really brave and practiced in shorts and a sports bra today. That’s like superly hugely brave. BUT – I discovered that the short sleeve tech T I’ve been wearing really keeps the sweat out of my face in the standing- forehead-to-knee posture. (Addendum: After 10-12 years of this practice, you’d think I would know the posture names by now. I meant that the T shirt keeps the sweat out of my face in the standing separate leg head to knee pose – the one after Triangle!) Back on with the shirt! I’d better get used to being without it though if I’m going to do the yoga competition in the fall.



Yoga Challenge Day – 2?

The yoga challenge officially started on Valentine’s Day but I started on Friday the 13th. Am I on day 2 or 3 now? My goal is to complete the 10 out of 15 days challenge and hopefully much more. But I will be away for several days hither and yon, so I can’t do the 30 day challenge.

Today, I challenged myself (by overusing the word “challenge” 🙂 ) by getting out of MY customary comfort spot and moving waaaay over to the left side of the room, against the wall of mirrors. As I did the first backbend, I found myself under a BRIGHT spotlight. I could see all the blood vessels in my retina!! I was also wearing a new FitBit which seemed to think I was very busy before and after class but that I did nada during the strenuous 90 minutes of sweating. 🙂

A good day, especially with the warm temps and sunshine. Yippee.