Feel the Love

I wrote last night on Facebook that I am making a greater effort to Be the Love, Feel the Love and to stay out of complete distress over the current politics. (I take solace in the millions of vocal and marching folks who share my concerns). How have I practiced the love today?

Our town car driver to the airport started denigrating Muslim employees who work there. I said, “Liberty and Justice for ALL, right?” and changed the subject. I practiced patience when he talked us to death, especially when describing what his dog is like when she’s in heat. Ewww.

When we were treated quite poorly by the ticket agent in the terminal, I asked to see a manager and told Pete that I needed to speak my truth – which I did. “We are easy going passengers but we don’t expect to be treated so badly, especially when one of us is a Platinum member”. She apologized but Pete will still push for some miles.

The very, grumpy man in the Laurelwood pub wanted to block my getting a table next to him. “Could you move your suitcase please?” He snarled and moved it 2 inches. “Could you move your jacket as well so I can sit down? Thank you”. I tried to imagine he has some huge fear or recent hurt. I was going to wish him a good day when he left but he grumped loudly and careened off many tables on his way out.

More stories but I’m just about all “loved out” for now and in pain. Our flight has been delayed so many times!! Here we sit. 7K mile flight to go and I’m already restless 😬




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