Happy Dance

I volunteer interpreted tonight for the first time since Thanksgiving. Before that gig, it had been over 3.5 years since I last interpreted due to injuries, surgeries and general life poopiness that consumed me. (Consumed by poop? Ewwww)

Something magical happened tonight. I WAS NEEDED!! I had a schedule. I had a purpose. There were people around me. I used a skill that required a lot of hard work over many years to acquire. I used my brain. I, hopefully, made a difference.

While I love crocheting and practicing musical instruments, I’m a PEOPLE PERSON. I don’t do well hanging out at home, mostly alone, even if it means pursuing fun stuff. 

For many reasons, I can’t go back to interpreting – not much of it, anyway, and not paid, at the moment. I do occasionally play music at the hospitals and I am starting to host house concerts soon. But alas – just putting the intention out there that I really want to be doing something meaningful, with and for people, that works with my occasional bouts of pain and fatigue. C’mon Universe – I’ve been wilting away at home long enough and the traditional employment routes are a no-go. Remaining hopeful….open to guidance…

Go THIS way!

Go THIS way!

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