Caveman Music Notes

I’m “finding myself” prepping for a 2 hour hospital music gig (tomorrow – eek) at the last minute. Life has gotten crazy busy but I have definitely learned that I need to slow it WAY down for next quarter. It was just too exciting to be out amongst people and to get my life back again!!!

I have 15 backing tracks for tomorrow. I’m listening to them and scribbling down melody and harmony lines. Most musicians, with any kind of finesse, have a music software program (or at least paper with staff lines) and can record their intentions. At this point in the game, I’m using cryptic letters on note cards. Do you see a time signature, time value on the notes, rests, distinct bars between measures, etc, below? Well, neither do I! (“Tee hee”, she says nervously) 

In my favor is that I have played some of these before at the hospital, but on the alto flute. Now I’m in a different key. Wish me luck.

Late breaking addendum : Some of the terror has abated with the fun of figuring out The Beach Boy’s “Sloop John B” on TWO flutes (to be played consecutively, not simultaneously. That trick will be saved for next year).

Vanna – I’d like to buy a vowel please.

It’s alphabet soup! It’s hints for Scrabble! No – it’s my “professional score”.

Sloop Dog. The Lion Sloops Tonight.
Wow, do I need sloop – sleep – or what?

2 responses to “Caveman Music Notes

  1. Best of luck tomorrow!! Are you sure this isn’t some kind of secret code? LOL ( I do see the word “bag” in there … ) I know it’s music, but, might as well be German to me! You’ll do fine!! Don’t worry!

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. I can just hear Chris calling me a big dummy – haha – although he only played by ear, but never for an audience. Yes, it is a double secret code. “BAG the primitive music notation”. Grins.

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