Kindermusik Training Begins!

A big woo hoo for Kindermusik training beginning today. I started the training once before, last year, but it was too soon after one of my surgeries. Not that I’m ever impatient to get on with things 🙂

You know, some professions “practice” what they do – practicing law, practicing medicine. Some people “go to” work. But musicians, even when they are working, they PLAY!!!

Look at some of the fun materials I got in the mail. Scarves, an egg shaker, rhythm sticks, wrapped up sand blocks (the green knobs) and an awesome rhythm shaker scrapie thingie that makes cool sounds.

And now – just in time for Halloween – a look at my music room.

When music rooms haven’t been “pruned” in a while they get a touch wild. Notice a guitar, hammer dulcimer, banjo, octave mandolin, 3 flutes, a plethora of cases and the ever present random box of crackers.

2 responses to “Kindermusik Training Begins!

  1. Wow,the room looks lovely…id love to have all of these…except i woudn’t have an idea how to play flute…i could carry it definately tho ! he he!

    • The room might have been a touch “staged” 🙂 Now there is a harp there as well. Yay, come carry my flute around and I will play it – haha. The bass flute is *heavy*. I would like to know how to play one of your instruments – the ukulele! Thanks for stopping by Dusica. (Wish I could put the line over the S in your name)

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