New and Improved

Hello World!

I “moved out” of my 2 old blogs and am now on (in? under? around?) my own domain with a brand new adventure awaiting – well, many of them actually! I started with a new iPhone 5 recently, which is rather humorous. My family is sophisticated when it comes to technology. I prefer two wax paper cups connected with a string. Yelling at high volumes across distances is also my idea of social networking. No buttons to push or systems to crash 🙂

So with my new phone I have managed to accidentally delete an important voicemail, laugh when it buzzes in my purse and not figure out a host of other fancy pants things. BUT – I did manage to get the following picture, which is what I feel like saying to the technoschmeer that won’t behave in my life.


This site is brand new and still in the process of getting established. Check back often – or sign up to follow me! –  for new pix, videos and written blurbs on unleashing my inner artist.

*Runs with loaded paint brushes, laughs at fancy phones*

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